• Researchers Produced Materials to Replace Plastic

    Aalto University and VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) scientists have produced a new bio-based material by uniting wood cellulose fibres and the silk protein found in spider web threads.

    The material - very firm and resilient – may be used in the future to replace plastic, as part of bio-based composites…

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  • The World’s First Fully Customisable and Zero-Waste 3D Printed Skirt

    Fashion tech pioneer Julia Daviy has launched the world's first zero-waste digitally customisable 3D-printed skirt.

    A technology that allows zero-waste and cruelty-free clothing production becoming a reality with large-format professional 3D printing.

    After 'The Liberation Collection' launched in 2018 at New York…

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  • Andritz Needlelooms: Leading The Way In Quality Performance

    Andritz Over the coming years the market for nonwoven materials is set to grow significantly, and because of its ability to produce strong, durable end-use products, needlepunch technology will become one of the most important bonding processes in nonwoven production.

    Based on many years of experience in this field,…

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  • Revolutionary Innovative Technology from DiloGroup: The H Alpha Loom

    In its 117 year history, DiloGroup has always set new standards in regard to machine performance and efficiency. Innovative technologies like DI-LOUR, DI-LOOP and Hyperpunch have created new markets for the nonwovens industry and have contributed to continuous growth.

    DiloGroup, consisting of DiloSpinnbau, DiloTemafa,…

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  • The Trützschler Card TC 19i: The First Intelligent Card

    A new chapter in card development has been be opened: The Trützschler card is intelligent. It performs important settings completely independently and with a precision not achievable by humans, which results in an unprecedented level of quality.

    A new chapter in card development has been be opened: The Trützschler card…

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