Abalıoğlu Teknoloji Exhibiting Nanofiber Filter Media

Company’s core HIFYBER technology is designed for high efficiency air filtration applications.

Manufacturer of the nanofiber filter media HIFYBER engineered for high efficiency air filtration applications, were shown its series of diversified nanofiber products at Filtration 2016. Nanofiber filter media has enabled new levels of air filtration performance in several diverse applications within a broad range of environments due to its unique properties including small fiber diameter, high specific surface area, high porosity and small pore size. Abalioglu Teknoloji’s nanofiber filter media offers increased dust holding capacity, enhanced filtration efficiency, low pressure drop, excellent durability and improved filter life. The company’s nanofiber membranes possess fascinating benefits that make them very attractive in liquid filtration. The interconnected pore structure of nanofiber membranes plays an essential role in enhancing the filtration performance. Filtration studies show that nanofiber membranes exhibits better flux throughput than traditional membranes. Filtration performance can be further enhanced through incorporation of some active substances. In other news, Abalioglu Teknoloji recently announced that Poirino SpA is now its exclusive distributor, and will market its nanofiber filter media HIFYBER in Italy. “We are confident that our partnership will provide better service for filtration industry by offering an expanded line of products and local stock service for shorter delivery times,” the company says.