Nonwoven Technology, which has been published for 13 years, informs the textile industrialists about the developments and variations in the market.

Nonwoven Technology, being published by a specialist staff having informational background and experience, owns one of the most extensive archives on world textile industry.

Nonwoven Technology not only makes companies aware of latest news and technological developments but also enable them to keep in touch with each other. Nonwoven Technology, having a wide concept from cotton to fiber-yarn, from weaving-knitting to dyeing-printing-finishing, has several sections such as; actual news, events, fiber-yarn, weaving-knitting, dyeing-printing-finishing and includes detailed technical information and academic articles on those subjects.

The name of publicity and communication in textile world
Reach the Turkish textile market with Nonwoven Technology
Effective communication + high quality promotion = Success

The keywords to success in the global worldis ‘effective communication’ and ‘high-quality promotion’. ” Güney Inc. which serves for the textile industry, achieves ‘effective communication’ by publishing three magazines, namely Nonwoven Technology and Nonwoven Technical Textiles Technology and Tekstil Teknoloji and ‘high-quality promotion’ through exhibitions for the industry.
Nonwoven Technology continues to be the voice of modern textile publishing by means of introducing new technologies, techniques and products of textile companies both inTurkey and in the world and by sustaining continuous relationship between each other.

Effective Communication


With Nonwoven Technology, you can Communicate with the leading and pioneer companies of the Turkish textile and make business contacts.

In addition, as a result of having the sameorigin, culture and similar language, CIS Countries see Turkey as a gate to the world.

This situation enhances the importance of Nonwoven Technology, since it conducts theNonwoven Technology, since it conducts the countries.