Küçükler Tekstil Developed Bed Fabric That Can Pass The Flammability Testing Standard

R&D and M&D departments in the year 2015. In addition, having also developed bed fabric that can pass the flammability testing CFR 1633 for the new markets, Küçükler Tekstil’s Deputy Director General Selim Şahin said: “The products we developed successfully passed the tests conducted in the independent laboratories in America. In order to reach the potential new customers in these countries, we will be taking part in the international fairs held there. We aim to present our new products and to increase our sales volume in those fairs. We provide service through our 38 brands in total and through our many unique pattern and designs. We patented our designs within the body of Turkish Patent Institute as the authorized institution in Turkey and thus we protected them. We increase our sales volume every passing day”.

Stating that they export to 45 countries, Şahin also said that they would like to add three more countries within their export portfolio.

Pointing out that they are again planning on increasing the market shares in the countries of America and Far East within this year, Selim Şahin said: “As Küçükler Tekstil, our R&D team continues its works in order to develop new three products and brands that support sleep quality and can be beneficial for the users in terms of human health and comfort. Especially in this field, we prioritize technical features such as the thermal comfort, moisture transfer and fabric handle during sleep”.

Adding that they will be completing their ERP software processes so as to provide better service for the companies they work with, Selim Şahin underlined that through this process, they will have the ability to use the resources belonging to the companies in a more correct, sufficient way and in a timely manner.