Aksa Akrilik Introduces 4 New Brands to Customers

Founded in 1968 as an affiliate under Akkök Holding in Yalova to meet Turkey’s need for acrylic fibers, Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş. is among the world’s leading producers of acrylic fiber. Brings together four new brands with its customers, the company supplies textile and technical textile raw materials in a wide range of areas.

Becoming the world’s largest acrylic fiber manufacturer with its investments and innovations, Aksa is now one of the world leaders with its 300 customers in more than 50 countries on 5 continents. With more than 1,200 employees, 502 thousand square meters and 315,000 tons/year capacity Aksa remains to be the world’s largest and Turkey’s only acrylic fiber manufacturer.

Increasing its new and special product portfolio every year and starting production of outdoor fibers in 2001 as well as textile fibers, Aksa is now strenghtening its reputation in technical fibers with its flock tow, homopolymer and filament yarn products.

Acrylic fiber to reach where it deserves with four new brands  Aksa Akrilik continues to grow, taking into account the needs of its customers. Company aims to make a new vision for acrylic fiber and bring acrylic fiber where it deserves with its new brands –Acryluna, Acrysole, Acryterna and Acrylusion. Aksa Akrilik focuses solely on quality and customer expectations with its new brand approach.

Acryluna: Textile fiber products produced with superior technology from tricot, socks, sportswear and children’s clothing, to blankets and upholstery fabrics make their warmth felt everywhere with naturality of wool.

Acrysole: Protecting its color as it was on its first day with its resistance to weather conditions in outdoor applications, it eliminates the wear and mold.

Acryterna: It symbolizes eco-friendliness of Aksa technology in industrial use with its high heat resistance and superior working performance.

Acrylusion: The pigment-dyed acrylic filament yarn developed by Aksa makes a difference in carpets with vibrant colors and a silky touch.