Alpine Jacket Made Of Dyneema® Composite Fabric Achieves Wow Factor

Acclaimed technical apparel designer Conroy Nachtigall was commissioned by The Dyneema® Project to develop an alpine jacket of tomorrow with Dyneema® Composite Fabric. The short documentary ‘Sending It’ covers the “Wow!” response when the jacket – the strongest and lightest ever made – is tried by some of the big names living in Canadian extreme sports capital Squamish.

Many have attempted to come up with an alpine jacket that is light, strong and fitted to provide snowboarders with complete freedom of movement – while still being waterproof and breathable. But as the legendary Swiss snowboarder Romain de Marchi notes at the beginning of ‘Sending It’: “I haven’t found the ultimate jacket yet and I’ve been a pro snowboarder for fifteen years. So I keep searching…” Fifteentimesstrongerthansteel,butfloatsonwater,Dyneema® isworld’s strongest, lightest fiber and has long been used to moor oilrigs, stop bulletsandrepairhumanligaments.Asafabriccomponent,Dyneema® technology was first applied to sailcloth for the winning yacht of America’s Cup 1992. Since then, Dyneema® Composite Fabrics have been engineered with a whole range of different properties (breathability, colors, solar reflectivity, various sensor and telecommunication abilities, etc.) and for many different applications (airships, ultralight hiking equipment, heartvalves,flexiblecircuitry,etc.).Currently,Dyneema® CompositeFabrics are spearheading a revolution in the performance sports apparel industry. “Dyneema® CompositeFabricsisaprecisehigh-techmaterialyetstilllooks unfinished and raw due to its signature crinkly look,” says Nachtigall. “It’s a fabric but isn’t a fabric – bonded instead of woven, super lightweight yet supertough.Dyneema® shiftsperceptions.Andthat’swhatItrytodowith apparel.” When Nachtigall’s resulting prototype is taken for first inspection to Squamish, British Columbia – the extreme alpine sports hub of Canada – the response is a universal “Wow!” from those whose choice of apparel may mean life or death. “Being out on the mountains you’re at mercy of nature, so this durability factor is huge when you’re looking for a jacket,” observes the “skier’s skier” Dana Flahr. “It feels like you’re not wearing anything!” enthuses famed snowboard photographer Phil Tifo. “And I still feel warm!” The jacket and the accompanying film ‘Sending It’ is part of TheDyneema® Project.Thiscuratedprogrambringstogethertrailblazers– cuttingedge brands and state-of-the-art mills – to create fabrics and performance-inspired apparel, footwear and accessories that are stronger, lighter, smarter and more durable and comfortable than anything currently available.