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Groz-Beckert Presented Latest Sewing and Felting Products in Atlanta

At the Texprocess, formerly known by the name of Spesa Expo, the visitors can find everything related to textile finishing and technologies for the development, acquisition and manufacture of sewn products. Whereas the focus of the Techtextil is on products and applications from the technical textiles and nonwovens sectors. In the product area Sewing, the […]

Santex Rimar Group: “Since ITM 2016 Is Such An Important Appointment We Will Participate With Two Different Booths”

Stefano Gallucci, Santex Rimar Group CEO After his degree in information sciences from the University of Udine, and a Masters degree from the University of Houston, Stefano Gallucci founded his first start-up in Silicon Valley. When he returned to Italy he managed businesses in the fashion sector and then began work in the start-up world. […]

A Miraculous Innovation By TAÇ: Self-Cleaning Roller Blind

Do you want to use roller blind at your windows but think that roller blinds are more difficult to clean? TAÇ’s innovative brand TAÇ Inova brings an end to the problem of roller blind cleaning and presents Self-Cleaning Roller Blind. This miraculous product does not hold liquid spots; it cleans itself with light in such negativities as dirt of working environment and food steam.*

Investigation of Tensile Properties of Nonwoven Fabrics Produced from Recycled Staple Polyester and Core/Sheath Low Melting Staple Polyester Fibres by Using Carding, Needle Punching, Calendaring and Pressing Machines

Abstract In this study, tensile properties of nonwoven fabrics produced from recycled staple polyester fibres and core/sheath low melting staple polyester fibres at 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% and 50% blending ratios by using carding, needle punching, calendaring and pressing machines were investigated. The recycled staple polyester fibres and core/sheath low melting staple polyester fibres were […]

The Biggest State-Supported Investment Of The Field By BTSO To Bursa

To be accomplished by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) in an innovative industry-university cooperation model, the Advanced Materials Research and Development Center (İKMAMM) Project has gained the right to benefit from BEBKA’s ‘Guided Project Support’. The complex where the Textile and Technical Textile Development Center (TTTM) is also located is the biggest state-supported
investment in this field.

Küçükler Tekstil Developed Bed Fabric That Can Pass The Flammability Testing Standard

R&D and M&D departments in the year 2015. In addition, having also developed bed fabric that can pass the flammability testing CFR 1633 for the new markets, Küçükler Tekstil’s Deputy Director General Selim Şahin said: “The products we developed successfully passed the tests conducted in the independent laboratories in America. In order to reach the […]