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Rostec Produces Chameleon Helmet to Equip the “Soldier of the Future”

Rostec has presented a unique camouflage coating for military vehicles and soldiers’ equipment able to mimic the color of the environment at the Army 2018 forum. The company illustrated the possibilities of the material with a soldier’s helmet made for the advanced, third generation equipment Ratnik. The chameleon cover is on displayed at the corporation’s permanent exhibition in Patriot Park.

Elastic Fibre to Change Smart Clothes

EPFL scientists have found a fast and simple way to make super-elastic, multi-material, high-performance fibres, which have already been used as sensors on robotic fingers and in clothing. This method opens the door to new kinds of smart textiles and medical implants, according to the team of scientists.

Turkish Scientist Invents Heat Transferring Fabric

Mustafa Erol, Faculty Member at Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) has achieved to develop a technology providing more heat with less energy than its counterparts in the US and South Korea, based on a low voltage system developed and defended with a doctorate PhD dissertation titled “Heat Emitting Polymeric Materials” in 2011, developed a technology with a dissertation on ‘.