Petsa Made Big Progress in a Short Time with its Environment-Friendly Products

Petsa Tekstil has become the first integrated facility in Turkey that produces both recycles, and pet film and leakproof containers.

Petsa Tekstil is a brand new brand. Regardless of that, it made a fast entry into the business with an immense capacity. Can you tell us about the foundation history of Petsa based on the motto “Inexperienced mind cannot achieve anything”?
Petsa entered the sector in the year 2009 with PET recycling work and started to make investments quickly. It purchased the first PET film machine in the year 2010 and started to produce plaque and film and became one of the leading companies of the sector in the years 2011 and 2012 with its additional 2 Pet film machinery. By starting the leakproof disposable food container production in the year 2012, it increased its capacity and reached a higher capacity within food container production targeted to final user via additional investments. Right now, it became the first integrated facility in Turkey that produces both recycled, pet film and leakproof containers. Today, there are a total of 3 – 4 integrated facilities. We have approximately 1200 tons of PET plaque capacity per month.
In the year 2015, Petsa directed its attention to textile sector and made an investment in polyester spunbond nonwoven fabric and started the operations of a facility with 5000 tons capacity yearly in the last months of 2015. All of the investments here are works that are specific and not really open to competition, has as its Company Partner and General Director Professional Mechanical Engineer Aykut Peltek, who is experienced in textile and extrusion works for 20 years. He pioneered many investments related to textile and plastic works and transformed his experiences together with Hasan Sarıoğlu (Financial Advisor) in the year 2009 into investments within the body of the company Petsa Tekstil Amb. Plastik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. he founded.

Can you tell us about the product variety and innovative works targeted towards the needs of the market?
Petsa Tekstil company produces approximately 1000 tons of raw materials out of PET bottles monthly through recycling in its Küsget complex located at a 4000 square meters of indoor space. We contribute greatly to environment and economy by processing 1000 tons of monthly garbage of the Southeast Anatolia region. These raw materials are firstly transformed into PET Film and then into disposable food containers in our factory of 4500 square meters located in 3rd organized industrial area. When producing the food containers, the recycled raw material is used with original materials in the middle, below and above thanks to the 3 layered new technology and thus food containers are produced in compliance with the world food codex. These products are sold to the whole world under the brand of PETSA within the inspection of the ministry of the food and rural affairs. Our new investment polyester spunbond fabric work is operating in the newly opened 5th organized industrial area within a space established on an area of 1500 square meters. We are selling our products to the whole world with a brand called Petsabond. Petsa is the only producer company within Southeast and Eastern Anatolia regions in terms of food containers. Since the shipping and transportation of these food containers are high, we provide products suitable to the usage and needs of our region. Petsabond fabric work is completely a specific work and there were a total of two companies producing in Turkey. Thus we entered into the market as the third company.

What kind of policy do you follow in terms of customer satisfaction? How do you assess your technological investments in regard to that aspect?
All of the businesses we conduct are customer oriented and we produce company specific products. As an example, in Gaziantep that is famous with its dessert, we have the capacity to design dessert containers and to put them into market. We can constantly play an active role in the market by providing the necessary fiexibility in accordance with the customer demands.

When talking about your quality polity you mentioned “We Awareness”. These are not the definitions we always come across with. Can you please be more specific about that? Are there social responsibilities lying behind?
All the productions we make are environment friendly and 100% recyclable products. Besides, we contribute greatly to the economy through raw materials acquired from the local resources. Using the latest technologies, we think that our company fulfills its social responsibilities with its quality product, good service and environment sensitive products.

Which products and technologies will you be displaying in your participations to fairs and especially to Index 2017?
At Index fair, we will be displaying our PES spunbond nonwoven fabric product under the brand of Petsabond. Our production, which started its operations approximately a year ago, took as to the highest ranks in terms of fabric quality thanks to the high technology machinery and system usage. The fabrics ranging from 15 to 180 gr per square meter with a width of 320 cm can be produced in addition with varying colors and features. Our fabric that can be especially used in sectors such as automotive, filter, lamination, roof insulation and construction, furniture, bed, agriculture and packaging, are heavily demanded in technical textile works thanks to its waterproof / air permeable features. Exporting to many countries in the world, our company will be in the stand no. 4381 at Index fair so as to meet its new customers and to get in contact with the new partners.

At the end of 2016…


ekran-resmi-2016-12-13-12-20-29We had a lively 2016. We had times when tensions rose at conjunctional developments and international relationships both in global market and in our country. In the light of the economic data, we can evaluate that our sector has grown among all these developments. Regardless of the adverse events that took place in the Middle East, coup attempts and terrorist attack in our country, our sector continued to be one of the locomotive sectors of our country. Comparing with the data of the previous year, textile sector that has a shining place of our country ended the year more positively. We also observed that the investments in especially yarn and weaving machines increased rapidly in accordance with the news that came from the international markets. In addition to the pressure created by the political events that took place in the east of our country, we can say that the new investment incentives created by the government covered the unfortunate events we had to face. Being the fair with the highest participation and visitor rates among all ITM exhibitions up to now, the ITM 2016 and HIGHTEX 2016 fairs, organized by us as Teknik Fairs, draw the attention of the whole world to our country. The sector also had a busy year together with Itme Asia+Citme 2016 and the upcoming India Itme 2016 this month. As the reports published after the fair shows, our sector will grow even more under the light of the new developments taking place every passing day. We transfer all these developments in the sector and inform you through Tekstil Teknoloji and Nonwoven Technology magazines. We will be together with more technological and innovative investment news with the upcoming of the New Year.

The sales of ITM 2018 and HIGHTEX 2018 will gain speed with the beginning of the New Year. We gave the start for the ITM 2018 Fair in the past months and the halls already are already filling up at incredible speed. We would like to invite you to visit our web sites to be informed about latest developments without losing further time.

Wishing the year 2017 will bring fortunate events to our country, world and sector. See you in the new year …

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Saying Goodbye To 2016…


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Dear Readers,

The fairs and conferences organized for the textile industry in the year 2016 were quite intense. Especially Techtextil North America, Aircraft Interior / Germany, Automotive Interior / Germany and Hightex2016 / Turkey fairs, which were organized especially in the field of technical textiles, were attracted by the exhibitors, experts and visitors. In addition, technical textile and composite material conferences in industrialized countries have provided valuable contribution and information to the participants. On the other hand, ITM2016/Turkey and ITMA Asia + CITME/China fairs, which provide service to the entire textile industry, were held with a great number of participations. It is possible to say that higher density will continue for technical textiles in 2017 and 2018 as well. Jec World Composite fairs and informational meetings will be held in Paris/France from 14-16 March 2017 and Techtextil fairs and conferences will be held in Frankfurt/Germany on 9-12 May 2017. We would like to mention that registration process started for both organizations.

On the other hand, 14-17 April 2018, 8th International Istanbul Textile Conference on Evolution of Technical Textiles ETT2018 organized by Marmara University Textile Engineering Department, ITM2018 and HIGHTEX2018 organized by Teknik Fuarcılık A.Ş. and Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım A.Ş will be held simultaneously in Istanbul TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Centre. All announcements and registration of the ETT2018 conference will be made via www.ett2018.com.

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