The World Brand Sika Attaches Great Importance To The Turkish Market

Sika, a global company having more than 150 production and marketing partners in 80 countries, is a global integrated company supplying specialty chemicals and application know-how. Sika is a leader in processing the materials used in water insulation, bonding, joint fillings, strengthening and protecting the constructions carrying loads. The product range of Sika includes roofing and water insulation systems as well as high-quality concrete admixtures, special mortars, sealants and adhesives, damping and strengthening materials, structural reinforcement systems and industrial flooring. Providing innovative opportunities for its customers the complete solutions of Sika replaces the old technologies such as bolting, clinching and welding with the new ones. Our objective is to help our customers to produce added values and always to be one step ahead of the competition.  With its subsidiaries in 80 countries and almost 17.000 employees its local presence across the world links its customers directly to Sika and guarantees the success of all the partners. Achieving annual sales of 5 billion Swiss francs Sika creates a value for all its shareholders. The product line of the company includes high-quality concrete admixtures, special mortars, joint fillings and adhesives, damping and strengthening materials, structural reinforcement systems, industrial flooring and water insulation membranes.

Sika Turkey
In terms of the point which the activities that started 25 years ago has reached today Sika Turkey formation is one of the leading organizations in production, sales, human resource and R&D and takes the task of leadership in the geographical regions where it operates. Sika Yapı Kimyasalları A.Ş. production plant is located in Istanbul Tuzla Leather Organized Industrial Zone. The production facility which has an indoor area of 19.000m2, the latest technologie9245s in its field and the capacity of 450.000 tons operates in the construction and industrial manufacturing sectors to which it appeals with its 7 regional offices and more than 200 employees. Furthermore, its new facility commencing production at Mersin Tarsus Organized I
ndustrial Zone in 2012 was put into service in such a way that it would be able to perform both powder and liquid production. The facility is located on an area of totally 6.600m2, 2.200m2 of which are indoors. Additionally, Sika Turkey maintains the regional management responsibility of the Turkish Region countries which it has been continuing for years. François Bauduin, Sika Hot Melt Marketing Field Manager has replied our questions.

Could give brief information on Sika?

François Bauduin: Sika is a global company. We have an annual income of approximately 5 billion Swiss Francs. We have 17.000 employees. 80% of our business is composed of construction materials but at the same time we have an income of 1 billion in industrial production. The field of technical textiles also has a significant coverage in the history of Sika. Previously our technical textile products were known as Tivoli. In fact we are highly effective in technical textile; however we have not been able to give weight t it. Because we are now mostly focused on automotive industry.

Are you focused only on automotive?

François Bauduin: We are focused on automotive for the industrial field. We globally sell automotive products worldwide. We cover a lot of demands in the field of automotive. Particularly Sikaflex which we have developed is widely used in many fields, the automotive industry being in the first place.

The area in which we mainly operate is construction and building, however, our concentration is on automotive in industrial terms.

On which subject are you focused in the textile industry?

François Bauduin: 80% of our production in the textile industry is Hot-Melt. We have specialized personnel working for this field. The working are on which we are focused in terms of textile is Hot-Melt.

To which countries worldwide do you export?

François Bauduin: Our export rate is very high. 80% of our actual export is for Asia-Pacific countries. We export to China and Taiwan.

Products of average quality are sent to the Asia-Pacific countries. But for the high-quality ones, they are exported to Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Turkey. Turkey is a new market for us.

Could you inform us on the usage areas and the industries of the products?

François Bauduin: Sika sets its marketing strategy according to the target audience. In the military area not-flammable products for the security personnel and fire fighters and medical products are offered. We develop particularly durable and high-quality military products. However, we do not even know for the military of which country we produce since we work with an intermediary company.

What kind of objectives do you have for 2015?

François Bauduin: We are focused on the medical industry in particular for 2015. We take an active part in the industry of white appliances. There are companies and products with which we intensively work. For example, we work with Arçelik. We export a lot of products to Turkey in terms of construction panels. We also want to have a place in the market for textile products.

In that regard, could you inform us on your place and position in the Turkish market?

François Bauduin: We consider Turkey as a part of Europe. Therefore we export all the products that we marker for Europe to Turkey as well. Turkey is at a very important point for our company; it is a country that has a large population and a stable economy within the region. The economic stabilization of the countries is very important for us to make investments. Due to its economic stabilization we consider Turkey as an appropriate one in terms of investment. It is in a good position particularly in textile and automotive industries.