EDANA Turkish Nonwoven Symposium Brings Together Nonwoven Industry In Istanbul

EDANA Turkish Nonwoven Symposium was held at Istanbul Intercontinental Hotel on November 10-11, 2015. Symposium was participated by 30 exhibiting companies as well as 121 companies and 250 industry representatives from 24 countries. At the Symposium, the whole nonwovens supply chain from Turkey and its key trading partners in EMEA gathered around a range of topics and issues from the general economic background and trade and regulatory context, to the nonwoven markets, from their raw materials to the machinery and processes.

The Symposium, the second of its kind to be held in Istanbul, symbol of cultural diversity and sitting at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, “reinforced trading links in nonwovens between regions which need each other, thereby supporting the development of new markets for our industry’s products that bring value and benefits to society in a variety of applications from personal to healthcare and filtration to transportation and construction”, said Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA.

“EDANA is proud of its 15 Turkish member companies, and will continue to support them as part of our Mission in favour of the sustainable growth of the whole supply chain of the nonwovens industry primarily in EMEA ”, commented Jacques Prigneaux, Market Analysis and Economic Affairs Director at EDANA, in his presentation, showing that the production of nonwovens in Turkey grew by 20,3% between 2009 and 2014 to reach 265,000 tonnes, representing 12% of the Greater European and nearly 3% of the global output”

The session on the hygiene markets put Sub-Saharan Africa in the spotlight as a huge potential market, but as Michel Verstraeten from Henkel noted “in Africa nothing is impossible but everything is difficult”. Difficult but not impossible, Africa shows an ongoing trend of attracting investments in vast sectors of the economy.

Presentations of Arzu Karatekin, Hayat Kimay and Selda Akbasli, H.B. Fuller gave a clear picture of the players on the Turkish market and the latest technological developments.

Durable nonwovens were an integral part of the agenda of the conference, too, from the automotive sector to nonwovens as filter media.

The session on machinery and processes sparked many questions from the audience, reflecting the importance of technology in producing nonwovens for niche and main stream markets.

“The quality of the presentations, along with the organisation, was outstanding. The breaks enabled great networking opportunities, meeting old friends and, more importantly, making new contacts.” Mike Bird, Applications Development Manager – specialities, Imerys Carbonates, United Kingdom

“The symposium was a valuable learning experience. I have really appreciated all presentations and activities. All presenters were knowledgeable and effective in their presentation. This allowed to acquire new market and technical information with the appropriate format and a good level of interactivity and even emotional interventions.” Juan Roldan, Business Development Manager – Hygienic Department, Nitto NBB, Turkey

“I thought it would be boring and to my pleasant surprise it turned out to be quite the opposite, there were excellent papers and the networking was great.” James Barton, President Europe, MOBI –AIR and Diaper Recycling Technology, Singapore

On “I ‘m very impressed by the participation and contents of this second EDANA Symposium in Turkey. This exceeds my expectations and I am looking forward to the next edition.” Salih Ziya Gümüser, General Manager, Teknomelt, Turkey.

“If you want to do business in Turkey and area this conference was definitely the place to be. Beside meeting and catching up with existing customers, we got in contact with new customers.” Sifer Lin, Key Account Manager, Golden Phoenix Fiberwebs, Taiwan

“Overall a very professional organisation, I ‘d like to congratulate the team as everything went smoothly for us as participant and exhibitor” Galip Yazgan, International Sales Agent, Elsner Engineering Works, Turkey.

EDANA would like to thank the sponsors, CHT Bezema, Gulsan Nonwovens & Film, Mogul – Diversity in Nonwovens, Teknomelt – innovative nonwovens, Fullbond – Hotmelt Adhesive, Kansan, SGS Courtray and Ungricht-roller+engraving technology.