Evteks’ Fabric on NASA Radar

Evteks, which operates on high-tech textile products in Denizli, has produced 100 % cotton fabric that is flame resistant and protects against radiation. If an agreement can be reached with NASA, the fabric that will be used in astronauts and pilots’ underwear has cardinal significance for transferring the properties such as flame resistant and radiation-proof in synthetic fibers to 100 % cotton fabrics.

Having a 20% higher absorption capacity than synthetic products, the protection of the fabric against radiation containing electromagnetic contaminants makes the fabric considerable important especially for babies and children’s textiles. Likewise, occupational groups that are likely to be exposed to radiation are potentially inclusive.

İsa Dal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evteks, who also serves as a member of the board of directors of the Denizli Exporters’ Association, explained that the fabrics, which have functionalities such as antimicrobial, flame resistant, quick drying and fly-repellent and have increasingly used in the world, contain synthetic fibers. In addition, Dal added that though these fabrics brought advantages, they were not natural by expressing that their goals were to develop both natural and functional fabric and that they achieved this. Saying that they tested the products in the laboratories of Pamukkale University. Explaining that these products were a result of 6 years of work, he stated that they made patent applications after the results came out, as they wanted.

“We believe that this product is suitable for pilots and astronauts because of the antibacterial feature that rapidly removes the sweat and the humidity exposed to radiation especially from the body. We have started negotiating with companies that make provision for NASA. If we can come to an agreement, the fabric produced in Denizli will be able to be used as underwear by NASA astronauts. We think that our completely natural fabric will be preferred in terms of comfort because the present underwear is synthetic. We will also offer a natural alternative to the current underwear of Pilots with a feature of late-combustion. After all, no fabric can be as healthy and comfortable as cotton.”