Great Success from Turkish Engineers: Invisible Military Camouflage

The invisible fabric, developed by Turkish engineers and not caught by radar and thermal cameras, is also being tried as military camouflage. This technology is now available in only three countries worldwide including Turkey, and is planned to be exported to NATO countries under the approval and consent of the Ministry of National Defense.

The ‘multispectral cloaking network’ found by two scientists at Hacettepe Technopolis was developed at Sun Textile R & D Center. The invisible fabric tested at the Turkish Armed Forces began to be produced in Torbalı Mill after passing the tests successfully.

This product, which is the fruit of 100% domestic engineering, has only been developed by the US and Israel until now. So Turkey became the third country.

Doesn’t get caught to thermal cameras by dispersing the body heat in a controlled manner

The fabric, which can disperse the heat generated by human, tank or ammunition without causing color contrast, provides protection against thermal cameras while also started being used to hide the command center and ammunitions.

In his statement on the subject, Sabri Unluturk, Chairman of Sun Holding, pointed out that the camouflage produced from this fabric is currently in the test phase and added:

‘These garments are designed to keep our troops hidden from night vision binoculars at night operations. They’re on trial now. Military units are also testing. The body releases heat in a controlled manner and does not appear in thermal cameras. With the fabrics we have developed, we have entered NATO’s approved supplier list. In this context, we receive orders from many NATO countries. We will also start exporting with the approval and permission of our Ministry of National Defense.’

From steel vests to armored vehicle seats

Continuing to his words, Unluturk told that the camouflage fabric will also be used in an armored personnel carrier devoloping by a Turkish defense industry company for Saudi Arabia: ‘In our R & D lab, we are currently working on developing new products for many different kinds of military uses. These include vests with shock absorbing capability to be worn into steel vests, preventive seats and floors for armored personnel carriers etc.’

Capacity to cover 1 million square meters

Sabri Unluturk, noted that the products they are currently developing could also be evaluated for civilian use in the future and continued his words as follows:

‘Many developments are first launched in the military field. There is an intensive work on the defense industry. The state is also making significant efforts for the nationalization of the defense industry, transferring resources. It’s a very good investment. Unmanned aerial vehicles, domestic tanks, armored vehicles and many other products are now producing in Turkey. We are also ‘pulling out all the stops’ in the field of textiles. I believe that Turkey will advance much more in this field and develop products that can compete globe. We are talking about a field with a very high export potential and there are very few companies in the field of defense textiles in the world. We also have an important price advantage. By doing a separate investment for this business, we have completed a facility in Torbalı OIZ (Organized Industrial Zone) that meets NATO’s safety standards. During this year’s production, we gave TAF a multispectral cloaking network covering the area of several hundred thousand square meters. In the coming period we will reach a cloaking capacity of 1 million square meters per year.’