Lenzing™ Fibers Help to Improve The Quality of Life for Butterfly Children

21 August 2019/by nonwoven

Body Armor To Replace Over 1 Lakh Bulletproof Vests

17 July 2019/by nonwoven

New Composite Advances Lignin As A Renewable 3D Printing Material

9 April 2019/by nonwoven

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Launches New Surgical Fabric

5 April 2019/by nonwoven

Ipeker Makes a Difference in Textile Products with Vegan Fabric Production

4 April 2019/by nonwoven

Alternative Adhesive for Textile Industry from Kordsa

3 April 2019/by nonwoven

Berteks Produces Odorless and Non-flammability Fabric

2 April 2019/by nonwoven

Australian Researchers Support Smart Garment Technology for Parkinson’s Patients

1 April 2019/by nonwoven

IsraVision, Avoids Errors in the Production of Nonwoven

2 January 2019/by nonwoven

Searching for the Battleship Steel Version of Spider Silk

28 December 2018/by nonwoven

Rostec Produces Chameleon Helmet to Equip the “Soldier of the Future”

28 December 2018/by nonwoven

Lenzing Offers New Option For Flushable Wipes with Eco Disperse Technology

27 December 2018/by nonwoven

Hexcel’s Acousti-Cap® Technology Helping to Reduce Aircraft Noise in NASA-Boeing Flight Test

27 December 2018/by nonwoven

Transforming Old Jeans Into Artificial Cartilage

26 December 2018/by nonwoven

Elastic Fibre to Change Smart Clothes

26 December 2018/by nonwoven

Turkish Scientist Invents Heat Transferring Fabric

25 December 2018/by nonwoven

Searching for the Battleship Steel Version of Spider Silk

13 November 2018/by nonwoven

AKXY Acquired Sage Automotive

13 November 2018/by nonwoven

Huntsman Introduces High IQ Sun Protect

10 October 2018/by nonwoven

Stoll Launches New Extra-Wide Bed Flat Knitting Machine

29 August 2018/by nonwoven
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