New Innovation on Spunbond Process

Hartge Development & CMCC partnership on producing state of art spunbond & meltblown machines in Turkey.

Hartge Development has been designing, building and improving nonwoven systems for 25+ years, working with the most demanding customers in the industry. Focused on Spunbonding – a delicate ballet of interacting forces between air, fibers and structures . We take the philosophy of looking at the whole instead of isolating individual components.
The bigger picture is always more difficult to understand, but we believe serious change in any endeavour can only occur when the whole process is re-invented from the inside out. By Simplifying the main goal of spinning and lay down, we have managed to create an ideal process while decreasing the number and complexity of components that touch the fibers and process – the only serious development in spun- bonding since the 1980’s.
The patented new state of art “Impingement Spinning” process has fewer precision surfaces and refined airflow. This allows us to employ highly turbulent mixing in the heart of the process – the polar opposite to all conventional machines that try to same turbulence with highly engineered capital intensive systems.

The new process has many benefits such as ;
• Flexible polymer( PP,PE,PLA,TPU,PET) choice with 100% guaranteed quality production .
• 6-300 GSM production scale .
• 70% less space usage .
• 50% energy reduction .
• Side Trimming less then 25 mm .
• Cost effective investment .
• Minimum labour (2-3 Max ) .
• Simple user interface to control all process in Siemens 22 ‘’ screen .
• Ready to run in 20 minutes . ( when extruder is hot )
• Easy to change jobs .
Composite Lines & Downstream Components Thanks to our partners , we can combine Meltblown and Bi-Component process- es on our system . Also, depends on customer needs we can add down- stream components and technical upgrades on Hartge system.

Partnership with CMCC
After mid 2016 , we opened our second machinery assembly workshop in Turkey with CMCC . Turkey has many potential on machinery parts production with highest quality workforce . Our aim is to produce spunbond and meltblown system in Turkey to serve EMEA area . With this partnership , we will reduce our costs and low capital companies can enter nonwoven market .

Product R&D
Hartge Development believes that developing new product is always good opportunity to sell nonwoven machines . Our laboratory machine (1100mm) in Florida runs for new devel- opments for our customers. Hartge system can retrofit easily to German , Italian and Chinese machines . Our engineers will find solutions to customers systems to fix Hartge system in most efficient way .