SASA, will Contribute to Employment with 1 Billion Dollars Investment

SASA, which produces petro-chemistry and fiber-type chemicals in Adana and exports to 45 countries, will contribute to the increase of employment and reduction of the country’s current account deficit through two projects with a total of $ 1 billion including 250 million dollars encouragement.

Utilizing the Project-Based Incentive System, which was approved by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and published in the Official Gazette, SASA accelerated its investments supported by its own resources. SASA General Manager Mehmet Şeker, has stated that they are the largest fiber manufacturer of Turkey.

Stating that they are always trying to contribute to the economy by making new investments Şeker said that the construction of the new polymer and fiber facilities is continuing. Mehmet Şeker stated that the new investments were halved in the construction works, and that the fiber and polymer part will be in operation from 1 January and the POY part will be put into service in the sixth month of next year.

10 Billion Dollars investment target
Şeker, the biggest investments will be PTA plant, specifying the following said: “We’ve even identified what technology to build in this facility. Our only problem is a land, because we need a very large space. We need to have a seashore, we need to use sea water for cooling. We plan to put the this facility into practice the 2026 at the latest. This $ 10 billion investment, will seriously contribute to Turkey’s current account deficit and unemployment.”