We Will Provide the Consist of Sense of Trust When Jelly Tekstil is Called

Wholly invested by China’s Dongguan Jelly Cloth & Embroidery Accessories Co. Ltd., which, as one of the leading manufacturers of interlining in China, equipped with over 50000 m2 self-owned workshops and 20 production lines, has the capacity of over 500000 m woven and over 500000 nonwoven interlinings per day.

With the development of business, Jelly kicked start its pace of internation- alization in the year of 1995 and has established its processing factories or service outlets respectively in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnum, Cambodia, Burma, Turkey and so forth. Jelly Tekstil, with the input value of over USD2.20 million, is located in Niğde Turkey, has bought 16.000 m2 land and constructed 2000 m2 workshops locally, equipped with the whole line from the processing of base cloth to the gluing and packing. It already has the capacity of producing 100000 m nonwoven interlinings per day. Further extending its capacity and aims to increase its market share in the Turkey market Jelly Tekstil, has already built strong business ties with some top listed interlining distributers in Turkey.

We made interview with Selim Güleş, Turkish Representative of Jelly Textile for this issue of our Nonwoven Technical Textile Tecnology Magazine.

First of all, could you tell us about yourself and your company?

I am a Turkey representative of Jelly Tekstil. I am interested in Turkey links of our international company which has production facilities in five different countries. The strongest of these facilities is located in China. We will gather all our factories on a land of 40 decares at one point. The area of 20 decares is now completely ready. We have started to produce new products in the field of technical textiles.

Jelly Tekstil, when started its production activities in Turkey?

Our facility, which was established in August of 2013, started to operate as a coating facilitie towards the end of the year. By integrating our facilitie in the course of time, we have become able to produce all of our garment nonwoven interlinings in Turkey.

Could you give us some information about your work?

Out of the garment interlining and nonwoven interlining; We are preparing to produce make-up wipes, diapers and cleaning wipes, masks, gowns, disposable towels, disposable sheets, disposable underpad. We also plan to manufacture several products in the packaging industry. We will produce packaging tapes and double-sided tapes again which we interrupt production. In addition to this, we will also activate our embroidery interlining groups. Easy tearable, water-soluble, embroidery threads are also in our plans. We are planning to produce our new high textile products in Turkey, and will enter the market with a new brand. The most important point is creating brand awareness. For this reason, We will provide to the consist of sense of trust when jelly textile is mentioned about.

Could you tell us about your most popular products?

We are currently concentrating on garment products. Our products which attracted the most attention are from the group of nonwo- ven interlining and garment interlining.

Could you give us information about your investments?

We have recently doubled our factory capacity in Niğde. We are planning to increase our capacity by adding new production lines in line with market demands. We also plan to build new factory buildings on our land. In line with the supply-demand-and of course the market conditions are very important – we are aiming for continuous growth. Production doesn’t have in Turkey not provide too much of an advantage in terms of both our country and our company. As Turkey is located on an important point position, making production here will be our first priority.

What do you think about the approach of the market to your compnay and your brand awareness?

We think we are at a competitive level with the market. Making our production in Turkey, gives us the relative price advantage. Especially our customers coming from abroad say that they want to work with us for this reason.

Could you tell us about your after-sales service?

Our goal is to protect the brand value of all of our products therefore we always give importance to quality. We provide solutions to problems that our customer is experiencing. As Jelly Tekstil, we are completely customer focused. We also guarantee that there will be no problem in our products.